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We like sports if it's historic, if it's real, slightly mad and if it's British and gritty. Then we want to see it prosper and then we have entered into select partnership.

There is no doubt that the Tourist Trophy is a mad race. It's about going very fast on very narrow lanes flanked by stone walls and through small Manx villages. The race transforms the sleepy little island into a petrolhead nirvana. Unlike other racetracks which feel a bit manicured, this one is the real thing, the public roads of the Isle of Man. Talk to one of those crazy riders and they will tell you about the stresses on the bike, suspension strike trough, the shaking and near wipe-outs on the 37 ¾ miles (60.7 km) and its 200 bends, going from sea level to 1,300 ft (396m) and back. Again, it is the real thing and that's why we like it and besides being the official timekeeper, we make a special edition for the winners in each category every year.