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As an independent watch company, we manufacture our watches in our own production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watchmaking capital of Switzerland.

Our movements are first rate Swiss movements. They are all engineered or adapted exclusively for us.

If it looks like carbon fibre, it is carbon fibre. If it looks like ceramic, it is ceramic. Our steel is of the best grade available and gold is always solid 18 carat. The diamonds we use are top quality, actually much too good for watches but that's part of our philosophy. Diver's watches all have helium escape valves. And we use sapphire crystals - as do many - but we apply anti-reflective coating - on both faces.

The bezel of the Chronofighter Oversize GMT is made of corundum, i.e. sapphire crystal. This makes it scratchproof and gives it a lasting pristine look. As the bezel is three-dimensional, a whole domed sapphire crystal is produced and the bezel is cut from this - with the surplus sapphire thrown away. From an engineer's perspective, it is the perfect way to produce a bezel. It is also not exactly the easiest way. But engineering always wins.

We control every single component before assembly and we test if our watches are waterproof not once but twice.

We love details. Cases, bezels, crystals, crowns, pushers, dials, hands, case backs, buckles and straps are all usually pretty big but designed with great attention to detail (and with a grain of English eccentricity). And so are the accessories:

Our boxes include a zipped travel pouch. The zipper is not just any zipper but a Swiss RiRi. And the boxes and travel pouches are Swiss made too, by local craftsmen.

The warranty certificate comes in the shape of a passport. As each watch has a personality, is almost a living thing, it of course has to have its own passport with its own photograph in it. Each such passport is signed by a watchmaker because ultimately, this is what we are: Watchmakers.